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A prenuptial agreement has traditionally been a difficult topic to broach during a time when couples are focusing on the excitement and anticipation of a marriage. More often than ever before, we see couples addressing a prenuptial agreement on Long Island. Whether it is a couple marrying later in life with children from prior marriages, or self-employed individuals who wish to protect his/her businesses in the event of a divorce, there are several contributing factors that lead individuals to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

Entering a prenuptial agreement on Long Island does not have to be a contentious or upsetting process. The discussion and preparation of a prenuptial agreement can be quickly and efficiently handled by the lawyers at BMMR Family Law.

Often times when one or both parties have children from a previous marriage, parties elect to enter into a prenuptial agreement to ensure their children are protected in the event of a divorce. For example, if a parent is getting remarried following the death of his/her spouse, that parent may elect to designate in the prenuptial agreement all assets that were previously shared with deceased spouse to be designated as separate property in the event of a divorce. By signing a prenuptial agreement on Long Island and taking advantage of the services of BMMR Family Law a couple and his/her children will be able to feel secure knowing they have established a premarital agreement protecting his/her assets in the case of a divorce.

Other benefits of a prenuptial agreement on Long Island include a detailed division of property accumulated after the date of marriage, preservation of premarital assets, a separation of individual debts, a detailed outline of what does and does not qualify as marital property and a clear understanding of the management of the household finances prior to the marriage. A prenuptial agreement can outline and designate the accounts that each party’s marital income will be deposited into following the marriage, as well as the contribution from each party to all household and marital expenses.

At BMMR, the lawyers will help you to reach terms of a prenuptial agreement on Long Island to protect your interests without creating a distance and animosity between the couple planning to marry.