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 Flat Fee Mediation Affordable, Flat Fee Mediation


For families looking to avoid going to court during a divorce, and looking for an affordable alternative, Barrocas, Mintz, Misuraca and Record offer flat-rate divorce mediation services.

Option 1, $5,000 Flat-Fee Divorce Mediation*

This flat-rate option is specifically designed for the simpler divorce in which there are no serious disagreements about child custody, minimal assets and no business interests to be divided. The services included in this flat rate are:

  • Four hours of mediation time with one of our attorneys
  • All preparation time prior to each mediation session
  • Attorney and staff time responding to telephone calls, e-mails and questions from the parties
  • Preparation, service and filing of all initial documents, excluding court filing fees
  • Preparation and filing of the marital settlement agreement



Option 2, Enhanced $6,500 Flat-Rate Divorce Mediation*

This flat-rate option is for parties who will likely need more guidance on issues, including child custody and visitation, property division and support issues. This option includes six hours of mediation time and additional attorney time required to prepare the disclosure documents and marital settlement agreement.

*We acknowledge that sometimes unforeseen issues arise during mediation that need to be resolved so the parties can avoid going to court. If your issues become more complicated and cannot be concluded during the four or six hours of mediation included in the flat-rate options, any additional mediation sessions above and beyond the number allotted will be billed at the prevailing attorney hourly rate.