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“Mediation is the Way to Go!”

“After 20+ years of marriage, my husband and I both agreed that we wanted a divorce. We knew from the experiences of our friends that divorce can be very expensive and lead to anger and fighting and this is not what we wanted to do and have our daughter witness. “UnCoupling” is what I call it. We agreed to split and be friendly about it. To work through our assets and finances privately and together. I believe that we are ending our marriage with respect and in a way that will allow us to go forward as parents to our daughter (who is 18 and in college). She will never feel the need to take “sides” because we are both on one side – Hers.

Using a mediator was the BEST thing we could have done. It was a flat fee for the service (there were other fees that came up – including the Real Estate Appraisal cost of our home, deed transfer fees, QDRO frees etc.) BUT this is FAR less expensive than what a regular divorce costs. And we are avoiding the animosity that dueling attorneys can stir up.

Of course everyone’s relationship is different and not all stories are going to end as well as ours – BUT it is worth looking into and I highly recommend using Khadija Misuraca, she was available and very responsive to every email. She kept us on track and stayed in touch with our deadlines.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Wondeful Mediation”

“Khadija walked us through the entire mediation process, and explained everything in detail. We felt comfortable with her as soon as we got started, and she was an absolute pleasure throughout the entire mediation. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to make sure we were both comfortable with the outcome. I would highly recommend her mediation services to anyone.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Choosing an attorney”

“This will be the most important decision in that it will affect the rest of your life.
Yet we must choose at a time of immense stress.
I started with a big name firm at top dollar then kept making an excuse to avoid switching attorneys.  Finally, I moved to BMMR in the middle of the trial.
Best decision I ever made.  Throughout my engagement with BMMR I never doubted their integrity, honesty, diligence, and desire to expedite my case.
Do not fool yourself, there are attorneys who put their own self-interest first.
It was not the case with BMMR.  I could not give them a higher recommendation.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Very Appreciative”

“In my experience with my separation/divorce case, Emily was all of the above and more. She knew how to handle my case in a timely fashion along with helpful legal advice along the way and much needed support. She is everything an excellent attorney should be. I am so glad I chose her. You will not be disappointed.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Trustworthy Matrimonial Attorney”

“I only wish I proceeded with my entire divorce through Khadija Misuraca. She was completely professional and extremely well-versed in the divorce process. I retained her services at the tail end of my divorce, when I already had a settlement agreement drawn up though another attorney. Khadija helped me get to the “finish line” with excellent guidance and advice. I was highly recommended to her and I am grateful she represented me and expedited the final stages of my divorce …professionally and extremely fairly in her billing, as well.

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Satisfied client”

“Through the years I have worked with many lawyers. In ALL of my experiences Laura Mintz was far superior. My case being more difficult than most, I found her and her office personnel to be honest and very receptive to my case. My phone calls were always answered on a timely basis. I was kept abreast of all important occurrences related to my case. Laura is very knowledgeable and although strong she conducts herself in a professional manner. At such a difficult time of my life I am thankful I used Laura to handle my case.


“Child Support”

“Unfortunately, as too many of you are aware of after going through a divorce child support remains an ongoing battle. Mrs. Misuraca has helped my child to receive the money that was stated in the stipulation. I highly recommend her services for many reasons. She has an exceptional response time when I have needed her most. Her knowledge of the law is remarkable. I trust Mrs. Misuraca without question. She has helped the one person I treasure most in this world to be provided for. Mrs. Misuraca has always kept me informed and up to date about my child’s case in all aspects. I highly recommend her exceptional services as she will not disappoint.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Completely professional and compassionate”

“A process that could have been a potential nightmare was made as comfortable and emotionally manageable all because of the law firm I chose to handle my case. I will be forever grateful to Emily for the support and guidance I was given during this difficult time

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Expert lawyer, kind and compassionate.”

During a very difficult divorce Laura was supportive and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond and was always available to speak to me. Even today I could call her with any questions and she answers my questions and provides expert advice . Thank you Laura!


“Strong and Helpful”

“Khadija Misuraca represented me when I was going through a divorce several years ago. She was very knowledgeable about both law and strategy, and expertly navigated the maze of negotiations, court appearances and depositions. The advice she gave me helped to clear away the bluster and power struggles that inevitably go on in a situation like this, and to focus on what was important: my economic future, my relationships, and my dignity. She also had creative solutions to situations that were not typical problems. Through it all, she was a kind and steady presence, whom I trusted completely. I recommend her highly and without reservation.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“I would highly recommend Emily.”

“I have used Emily from time to time over the last several years. She is thoughtful and responsive. I have not seen her in front of a judge, but her motion papers are first rate. She has a calm demeanor, which is very helpful under less-than-calm circumstances.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“My first positive experience with a divorce lawyer.”

“I was very pleased to finally hire a firm that treated me fairly, got me a settlement and avoided an unnecessary trial. After constant disappointments from three prior firms I worked with over several years of nonsense and stress, Laura and Sol helped me…”


“Less pain than it’s expected”

“I felt from the beginning better about having Khadija in my corner. I wouldn’t say the whole experience was a pleasure but certainly better than expected. My thanks to Khadija for her professionalism, experience and thoughtfulness.”


“Great experience”

I met Emily after having been through a very contested situation using another attorney. She reduced the damage that had already been done and helped me to settle on something that I found acceptable. She was knowledgeable, supportive and competent, I would recommend her without hesitation.”


“Excellent attorney, attention to detail, compassionate.”

“My case was extremely contentious and drawn out. Laura Mintz remembered every fact and detail. Thoroughly professional in and out of Court. Always thoroughly prepared. Always presented motions/hearings/oral argument in intelligent, concise manner. Proactive and a true fighter for my needs, but without going overboard and without prolonging battles. Extremely kind and compassionate and caring, in a very heart wrenching battle.”


My divorce was extremely contentious, and knowing that I could trust my attorney was absolutely essential to my being able to sleep at night. Khadija was not only an assertive advocate for me, she was also considerate on a personal level. She took the time to explain the process so that I could make informed decisions that were in my best interest, and she returned my phone calls promptly–a very rare trait in an attorney. I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

Client chose to remain anonymous

“Great Mediator”

“I worked with Khadija and I can’t say enough great things about her. She was such a pleasure to work with and always got back to me right about if I had any questions. I highly recommend using her.”


“Fantastic Attorney”

“Khadija is an outstanding attorney who is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of her field. She often has the answers and if there is anything she questions she works hard to research and find the answers. Khadija is loyal, reliable and professional. We feel lucky to have an attorney like Khadija on our side.”

“Knowledgeable, caring and highly recommended”

“Going through a divorce is never pleasant but Khadija has done everything in her power to help me navigate through the difficult and painful situations that arose. She was always available to me and immediately responsive, helping me recognize the best strategies to deal with the divorce negotiations and everything else that came up during the proceedings. I would highly recommend her.”


“Excellent divorce attorney.”

“Ms. Misuraca has been extremely helpful, responsive, caring in a difficult legal situation for me, a divorce proceeding. She has gone above and beyond, has legally held my hand every step of the way. She has really listened to me, explained every detail to me.”


“Excellent lawyer.”

“Ms. Misuraca is an excellent lawyer. She did an outstanding job of handling my divorce proceedings. She was able to get my former husband to settle out of court, which was no easy task. I found her to be approachable and responsive throughout the proceedings. Ms. Misuraca is knowledgeable about all aspects of divorce law and has intensive understanding of the court system. She helped me set realistic expectations for my divorce, and used her expertise to expedite the proceedings whenever possible. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer!”


“Made a horrible situation better.”

“Divorce is a horrible event. Khadija made this situation tolerable (and that’s a significant comment). She listened to me – my concerns, fears, goals. She was attentive, on top of things, and compassionate.”

Client chose to remain anonymous